Tea trend 2022

Tea quenches the great thirst for fresh colors

02-Mar-2022 - Germany

Is it spring, the fun of variety or pure enjoyment? Foods that bring fresh colors to plates, cups and glasses or follow stylish color concepts are very much in vogue right now. With imaginative creations and lots of natural ingredients, German tea manufacturers have adapted perfectly to the new joy of more color in life.

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Tea trend 2022. tea quenches the great thirst for fresh colors.

Instagram & Co. as a trend barometer

Not just a snapshot, but a noticeable movement toward colorful dietary diversity is also currently making itself felt in relevant social networks. Colorful foods and beverages are trending, especially among young consumers who like to discover new things for themselves and their social environment. At the forefront of this trend are color-intensive teas, herbal and fruit teas, which are also compatible with a mindful lifestyle that is as low in calories as possible.

Herbal and fruit teas as color miracles of nature

When it comes to blends, refinements and quality, German tea manufacturers are considered pioneers in their field. Their creations of fruit, herbal and rooibos teas not only inspire with intense taste experiences, with natural ingredients such as cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, roses or safflower blossoms they conjure up wonderful colors in cups, glasses and mugs at the same time. Ingredients such as hibiscus, green rooibos or turmeric are also part of the natural repertoire used for trendy coloring. Whether it's rich red, bright orange, subtle green or bright pink - anything is possible. "The fact that colors play an important role in our diet is actually old hat. What is new, however, is that they are being used quite deliberately to top enjoyment experiences.Herbal and fruit teas with their color and taste variety offer themselves and provide fast times for the desired Wow effect, so Kyra Schaper of the German tea & herbal tea federation to the current trend.

Colorful tea variety has tradition

Do classical teas look now actually pale against it? Kyra Schaper has another tip for old and new tea fans: "Japanese Sencha, Chinese Yellow Tea from the province of Hunan or Vietnam Red Tea also have an intense color and provide extraordinary taste experiences. And these are just a few examples from the large color world of teas." So don't forget the tea classics either, to indulge in the new color lust in its fascinating variety!

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