10-Aug-2022 - Fooditive

Reshaping the future of food with unique precision fermentation

Fooditive is on a mission

Fooditive, a pioneer in developing innovative botanical ingredients for a better world and better health at affordable prices, is celebrating its next phase and welcoming the world to a new era of business. The Dutch startup is reshaping the future to deliver on its promise of innovation by scaling existing products and introducing its latest developments: Saltless Salt and Bee-free Honey.

Expansion through sustainable collaborations and certification

Partnerships and expansion

Fooditive's unique approach to its ingredients and processes has inspired decision-makers and partners from countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. to collaborate, enabling Fooditive to make a lasting global impact.

Novel recognition

Innovative products are necessary to achieve impact, which presents an additional regulatory challenge. By ensuring that products are safe and meet regulatory standards, Fooditive will be able to expand its production and make its products more widely available.

A new era: developing for the future

Fooditive continues to optimize its latest patented processes and develop solutions that are kinder to you and to the environment.

"We feel that the next chapter of this journey has just begun. With the support of our shareholders, customers, partners and team, we are committed to growing our impact and fundamentally changing the industry."- Says Moayad Abushokhedim, founder of Fooditive.

As part of Fooditive's learning from casein development, the team realized the impact it could have on the biotechnology industry. Fooditive is entering a new phase of development with products that match its vision and plan through 2030.

"More than a promise, a 100% natural promise."

Fooditive Bee-free Honey

Fooditive strives to innovate further by using fermentation enzymes that save bees. Using the same system applied to casein, the DNA of honey is copied to create a product that works just like traditional honey. Texture, flavor, color and even health benefits can be mimicked to offer a gentler honey. Fooditive's first trials are scheduled for early 2023.

The sequence modification process used in the development of Fooditive's Bee-Free Honey will be the springboard for a revolutionary advancement in the food and biotechnology industries, enabling Fooditive and the entire plant-based industry to perfectly mimic any animal product.

Fooditive LowSalt

Fooditive is again taking on the challenge of finding an alternative for one of the most important raw materials, salt. Fooditive has developed a novel LowSalt product that modifies potassium chloride by adding citric acid and blends it with a carrier to create a spray-dried, low-sodium end product that is twice as salty as natural salt.

Fooditive combats the side effects of salt and offers a low-sodium future that is also a greener alternative for the environment. LowSalt ensures the taste and preservation of the final product while protecting consumers from a rise in blood pressure and weight gain. The Rotterdam-based company aims to conduct trials and clinical studies to understand both the impact on our health and the environment.

"Fooditive plans the future of nutrition for all"

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