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New design, new variety, refreshing taste

01-Mar-2023 - Germany

Capri-Sun is sparkling again: the world's largest children's beverage brand with the iconic stand-up pouch will be launching Capri-Sun & Bubbles in a new design from March 2023 and adding the Capri-Sun bestselling cherry variety to the carbonated range.


Packshot Capri-Sun & Bubbles Cherry

The beverage manufacturer is kicking off the spring with an all-round update for Capri-Sun & Bubbles. "With Cherry as a new variety, improved recipe and a design relaunch, we want to set new accents and ensure impulse purchases with Capri-Sun & Bubbles again this year," explains Judith Förster, Senior Marketing Manager at Capri-Sun.

Favorite sort cherry now also tangy
Orange, raspberry and cherry are three fruit sorts, which meet the taste nerve of the Capri Sun fans: Orange as citrus-fresh long runner under the Erfrischungsgetränken; beside it the raspberry, which became ever more popular in the past years. "Now cherry is added on top: it creates an ideal impetus for our Capri-Sun & Bubbles product line. As one of the best-selling varieties in the classic 200 milliliter stand-up pouch, it has a huge following. Those who love the taste will also try the new carbonated variety," says Förster with conviction.

Improved recipe
The company uses tests and consumer surveys to ensure that it is constantly keeping an eye on what Capri Sun fans want. The results of recent tests revealed a desire for a more intense taste in Capri-Sun & Bubbles. "We have responded to this, improved the recipes and are now coming to market with even more refreshing varieties," says Förster. Capri-Sun uses only natural (fruit) flavors for this and, as it has for more than 50 years, does without artificial ingredients.

Design relaunch: colorful, clear, strong
But it's not just the product itself that has become fresher. The design has also received a refresh: Against the familiar blue of the cheerfully colorful Capri-Sun world of experience, a plump little fruit in characteristic color stands out on all three slim cans. "We focus on the respective fruit variety and reduce the design to clear lines in combination with the proven color code," says Förster. Stylized bubbles pick up on the carbonation content in terms of content and the respective variety representation in terms of color. "This clear and striking appearance helps Capri-Sun fans quickly grasp what kind of product it is. And for retailers, the strong colors and shapes offer improved visibility on the shelf," Förster concludes.

Strong online presence
An influencer campaign on TikTok focuses on the GenZ target group. Attention-grabbing videos from different creators, but with the same visual framework and mechanics, support the brand relaunch. In addition, Capri-Sun generates reach and thus attention for the new Capri-Sun & Bubbles via its own channels on the meta-platforms Instagram and Facebook.

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