Beta release of generative AI-driven grocery delivery and chatbot app "Lily"


NextGen Food Robotics Corp is pleased to announce the completion of the beta version of its generative AI-driven food delivery and chatbot app, "Lily". NextGen is currently actively pursuing the submission of its app to the IOS App Store and aims to have "Lily," posted to the App Store by the end of the year.

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This milestone represents a major advancement in the development of the innovative app, which is designed to revolutionize the customer experience of food ordering and delivery through the use of advanced generative artificial intelligence based on OpenAI's Large Language Model ("LLM"), GPT-4.0.

Key features of Lily include intelligent food recommendations, conversational interactive ordering, personalization based on users' dietary preferences, seamless integration with food delivery platforms, and real-time order tracking.

NextGen Food Robotics Corp. intends to bring Lily's initial iOS application to the Apple App Store in the coming weeks, marking the first step toward broader availability and enabling commercial use of the app. The company is committed to ensuring a user-friendly experience for iOS users and looks forward to expanding its user base.

Paul Rivas, CEO and founder of the company, said, "We're excited about the progress we've made with Lily and can't wait to share this innovative AI chat app for food ordering with iOS users via the App Store."

NextGen Food Robotics Corp. remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technology in the food industry and improving the way people interact with food services. The path to commercialization is now underway, with a focus on user feedback, strategic partnerships and continuous improvement of Lily's capabilities. (dpa)

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