Physically analyze droplet & particle properties, beverages, liquid & semi-solid food

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Nano- and microparticles & droplets: size distribution, density, Hansen parameters, adhesion


Direct & accelerated stability information for R&D, QC, upscaling of suspensions & emulsions


In-situ characterization of dispersibility & stability, separation, filtration, rheology

Versatile device for particles, emulsions, suspensions, suspoemulsions: at-line & in the laboratory

The multi-wavelength LUMiSizer complements the near-infrared (NIR) LUMiSizer.

An additional, blue light source enables particle characterization in the lower nanometer range. Shorter wavelengths increase the sensitivity for translucent & low-concentrated dispersions.

The analytical photocentrifuge measures 12 different samples simultaneously at a temperature of 4-60 C with the proven, patented STEP-Technology®. For the first time, a temperature ramp is combined with a physically accelerated separation (up to 2300-fold) which facilitates direct storage stability tests & predictions for dispersions (ISO/TR 13097).

The device determines particle & droplet size distributions in accordance with ISO 13318, particle density with ISO 18747. Experts appreciate the operational simplicity, elimination of calibration with reference particles, and high sample throughput.

Applications of the device range from particles and droplets to natural products, plant and animal foods to functional foods and nutraceuticals.

  • particle characterization

  • dispersion analysis

  • particle size distribution analysis

  • density measurement

  • particle analysis

  • shelf-life analysis

  • separation stability analysis

  • dispersion analysers

  • particle size distribution measuring instruments

  • photocentrifuges

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