Particle and droplet properties & real-time stability of beverages, food & raw materials

The Top 3 Advantages

For applications from 4-80 °C with a temperature stability of +/- 0.2K or with temperature ramps.


Volume-weighted particle size distribution without refractive index, fast and reliable.


Track particle size changes and phase changes in real time.

Versatile device for particles, emulsions, suspensions, suspoemulsions: at-line & in the laboratory

The new multi-wavelength LUMiReader®PSA, developed by LUM GmbH and ergonomically designed by Luigi Colani, determines diverse properties of particles, emulsions and suspensions in the micro and nano range in real time.

Particle size distribution weighted by volume and number based on ISO 13317; Volume-based particle size distribution in emulsions and suspensions without knowledge of refractive indices and without assumption of spherical and homogeneous particle shapes; Separation velocity distribution (sedimentation and creaming); Determination of the hydrodynamic particle density based on ISO 18747-1; Direct separation stability in real time in original concentration from seconds to days; Patented physically accelerated separation at gravity by inclination (Boycott effect) with sample specific benefit - in original concentration up to 10 times faster; Long-term measurements to detect directly particle size changes (flocculation, coalescence, Ostwald ripening) in real time; Cloud Point Determination; Monitoring of aggregation and crystallization. All in just one instrument.

  • density measurement

  • particle density measurements

  • crystallization point measurement

  • cloud point measurement

  • particle density determination

  • particle analyzers

  • particle size distribution measuring instruments

  • separation stability analyzers

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