Filter papers: Cellulose filter papers

Cellulose filter papers

Cytiva Europe GmbH

Manufactured from high-quality cotton linters

Wide choice of retention/flow rate combinations

Folded options available to save time

Improve lab efficiency through better filtration

Manufactured from high quality cotton linters, cellulose filters are treated to achieve a minimum alpha cellulose content of 98%. These cellulose filter papers are used for general filtration and exhibit particle retention levels down to 2.5 micron. We offer a wide choice of retention/flow rate combinations to suit numerous applications such as sucrose assay in sugar cane processing, degassing carbonated beverages and baby formula analytical QC testing. The different grades of cellulose filters offer increasing degrees of purity, hardness, and chemical resistance. Some grades are also available in a pre-pleated format, enabling improved flow rate and increased loading capacity.

Whatman filter papers are associated with quality and reliability. We maintain high standards for reproducibility and uniformity by using only the highest quality raw materials and strict quality control measures.

Choosing the right filter paper helps make filtration more efficient, let us help you find the optimal filter for your needs – use our online filter selector ( or get in touch.


Quantitative filter papers - ashless


Folded and fluted filter papers


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Qualitative filter papers, Grade 4

Product classification


baby formula analytical QC testing
Clarification and solids retention
clarifying sugar solution
degassing carbonated beverages
food quality control and analysis
sucrose assay in sugar cane processing

Product categories

filter paper
folded paper

Target Industries

industrial chemistry

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Filter papers: Cellulose filter papers

Cellulose filter papers