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ColorFlex EZ by HunterLab Europe

Precise color measurement for any type of sample

Sturdy design, simple operation - results in seconds

Many different measuring openings for all types of samples, whether liquid, pasty or solid ✓ Special variants for citrus, coffee or tomato color numbers ✓ Simple measurement at the touch of a button with measurement results within a few seconds ✓...

color measurement color measurement systems colorimeters +6
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Agera by HunterLab Europe

Measure color and gloss level simultaneously - in seconds

Easy-to-use colorimeter: standard-compliant, robust and precise

Simultaneous measurement of color and gloss level (60 degrees according to ASTM) ✓ Stand-alone device with integrated, comprehensive QC software ✓ Network connectivity - transfer measurement results to existing LIMS or SPC systems ✓...

color measurement color measurement systems colorimeters +7
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Aeros by HunterLab Europe

Automated color measurement for irregularly shaped food samples

Non-contact measurement of up to 177 cm² in just 7 seconds

Automatic averaging over large measuring area for inhomogeneous sample measurement ✓ Easy sample handling with robust design and integrated QC software ✓ Stand-alone colorimeter including all color indices and metrics ✓...

color measurement color measurement systems colorimeters +7
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Vista by HunterLab Europe

Color analysis & turbidity measurement in laboratory and production

Analyze transparent and translucent samples according to standards in under 5 seconds

Measurement System for Haze and Luminous Transmittance according to ASTM D 1003 ✓ Vista-ER Version for achieving FDA CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance ✓ Lightning fast measurement speeds and sleek, compact tabletop design ✓...

color measurement color measurement systems colorimeters +12
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CDR FoodLab by Gesellschaft für Analysentechnik HLS

Innovative analysis systems for food and beverages

Pre-calibrated, maintenance-free, reliable results without laboratory knowledge

The analytical methods are easier and faster than traditional procedures ✓ Analysers are supplied already calibrated, reagents are pre-filled in the cuvette and ready to use ✓ Allows you to maintain quality control throughout production while getting results in real time ✓...

analyzers beer analysis beverage analysis systems +13
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Bench-top spectrophotometer CM-5 by Konica Minolta Sensing

All-in-one bench-top spectrophotometer for accurate measurements of liquid, paste or solid samples

Versatile, easy to use and accurate - perfect for your lab!

Extremely versatile: The CM-5 can measure almost all materials, whether solid, paste or liquid ✓ Individually-Accurate: In addition to colorimetric evaluation systems, the CM-5 also measures accord ✓ Ultra-flexible: many variants of measurements are possible through the device easily and quickly ✓...

color measurement colorimeters quality assurance +6
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Rental & Leasing solutions for Labs by Bios Analytique

Specialists in the rental and leasing of scientific equipment for laboratories throughout Europe

Whether you have an unexpected requirement or limited budget, we have the perfect solution for you.

Through our 10 years of experience as a distributor of analytical instruments, accessories and consumables and 25 years of experience in financing, we have acquired unsurpassed technical and sales expertise in the European laboratory market....

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