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Tönnies is a leading global multi-tier food industry business. We are active in four divisions: Meat, Convenience, Ingredients and Logistics.

Founded in 1971 as a family-owned business, our core activities are centred on the slaughtering, butchering and processing of pigs, sows and beef cattle.

We are best-known to the consumer market for our "Tillman's" and "Toast Me!" brands. Tillman's is the German market leader in ready-to-sell, pre-packed fresh meat and also offers a comprehensive range of convenience products such as boiled ham, cured pork products, and a selection of sausages

The company is headquartered in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Tönnies employs approximately 8,000 people across seven German and one Danish production facility. The Tönnies group is active worldwide, and with 25 international offices, is always closely in touch with the market. Our exports account for about 50% of our production.

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