About DIO Hradec Králové s.r.o.

Complete breweries are delivered in the extent, as follows:

malt acceptance and storage, grist barn (dry or wet process of grinding), brewhouse with accessories, wort cooling, beer fermentation and storage in the cylindrical-conical tanks, production of pure yeast culture, yeast storage, beer filtration and racking tanks, sanitation station, CO2 recovery, water system, bottling line, beer filling to KEG casks, electric wiring and process control equipment, cooling system, pneumatic station and steam boiler. Process water treatment and waste water system should be solved to meet the customers requirements.

The delivery is realized in co-operation with numerous well known producers of the equipment in the full extent, or in form of reconstruction and modernization of selected process units.

A separate field create the deliveries of complete mini-breweries.

Conception of each brewery is based on the demand of minimum civil-engineering investments, maximum utilization of heat energy, reduction of negative affect to the living environment, operation reliability and economy. The skilled team of engineers of our company is ready to render their services in the investment preparation period (feasibility study, lay-out, civil-engineering study), as well as after the equipment supply in form of technical assistance, trial operation, process technology introduction and training of the service staff.

Facts about DIO Hradec Králové s.r.o.
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