Brewers Publications Presents Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries

18-Sep-2015 - USA

Producing the finest quality beer is no small feat. It takes extensive effort and planning, attention to a variety of processes and more. That’s why the Brewers Association—in its support of a membership that consistently produces the highest quality beer—is proud to introduce Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries. Published by Brewers Publications and written by Mary Pellettieri, whose career in Brewing and beverage quality spans more than two decades, the book is an insightful guide to developing a quality management program for any brewery.

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Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries

As craft beer sales in the U.S. continue to flourish, quality plays a key role in protecting the health and future of the entire craft brewing industry. In this guidebook, Pellettieri provides a deep understanding of how quality management is integrated into every level of a brewery’s operation. For lab staff, production staff, quality team members and brewmasters alike, this book will help breweries continue to produce great beer by developing a comprehensive program that will grow with the brewery and ensure quality processes along the way.

“Making great beer is hard. Making the same great beer every day is harder. Ensuring that your great beer is still great after packaging is harder still. And the hardest thing of all is ensuring that every customer gets the great beer you brewed, whether they drink it in your pub or another establishment, or from a glass, bottle or can,” said Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and author of the book’s foreword. “Our collective success is built on quality. I hope that both established and aspiring brewers will learn and benefit from many of the fundamentals that Mary details in this book.”

The book is an essential educational asset for of all types and sizes of breweries and breweries-in-planning, brimming with key concepts and tools to lay a foundation for a long history of impeccable quality.

“Mary Pellettieri has created a tremendous resource for brewers; this book is packed full with quality concepts. Every one of these tenets is applicable to all brewers, regardless of size,” said Jason Perkins, Allagash Brewing Co. and the author of the book’s preface. “At the very least, every brewer should be educated about every concept in this book and put thought in to how these tools can help…. In the end, it is up to the individual brewery to set its quality priorities. The concepts and tools provided in this book offer tremendous guidance along the path to shaping a superior quality program.”

Pellettieri began her extensive brewing and beverage industry career serving as a chemist and microbiologist at the Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy in Chicago, where she also taught sensory management. She later managed the quality program for Chicago’s young, independent Goose Island Beer Company. Her impressive background and experience made her a desirable judge at prestigious beer competitions around the country and later as quality manager for the historic MillerCoors Milwaukee brewery. Pellettieri speaks nationally on a variety of topics in quality, sensory analysis and brewing science.

Brewers Publications supports the mission of theBrewers Associationby publishing books of enduring value for amateur and professional brewers as well as titles that promote understanding and appreciation of American craft beer. With over 50 titles to choose from, it’s the largest publisher of contemporary and relevant brewing literature for today’s craft brewers, homebrewers and beer enthusiasts.

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