Complex carbohydrates and proteins from the yellow pea

03-Jun-2016 - Germany

clean label, vegan, ‘free from’ and even more fibre-rich than soy: YePea, the latest ingredient from GoodMills Innovation, is an alternative to soy meal and fits in with current trends. 

With YePea (an abbrevation of Yellow Pea), GoodMills Innovation presents a functional ingredient which is versatile in use. In the field of bakery produce, it can replace soy meal and serve as a texturiser in breads and small baked items. When it comes to the confectionery segment, YePea works as a non-allergenic nut ingredient for example in chocolate pralines, Cereal and chocolate bars. From a sensory viewpoint, the ingredient scores with its crispy bite and appealing mildly nutty flavour. In contrast to soy, it is guaranteed non-GMO. With its comparatively high content of complex carbohydrates and proteins, YePea is a perfect fit for products positioned within the health and wellness sectors.

The toasted pea ingredient YePea is derived from the yellow pea, an almost forgotten legume which was rediscovered by GoodMills Innovation during a research project. To create its novel product, the company passes the peas through a complex processing chain, which includes a toasting procedure at the end to achieve the desired golden yellow colour. The ingredient is then ready to be used in various applications.

Baked goods
In the baking sector, YePea is an excellent alternative to soy meal, which is often used in recipes for breads and small baked goods. The toasted cracked peas enhance water binding capacity and provide a tender texture, and the combination of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibres and proteins contributes to a valuable nutritional profile. Depending on the specific dosage used, products baked with YePea can even be claimed as a “source of protein”.

The toasted cracked peas can be either mixed with other recipe ingredients or added after soaking. In contrast to soy meal, YePea’s raw materials are only grown in Europe and are not genetically modified in any way. Allergen labelling on end products is not required under FIC Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.

From a nutritional point of view, one of YePea’s biggest benefits is its low fat content, which is 90 per cent less than that of soy meal. As well as being beneficial to health, this lower fat means a longer shelf life. Additionally, YePea contains higher levels of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibres. And while European consumers in particular tend to perceive the typical flavour of soy to be unappealing, YePea convinces with its pleasant nutty taste profile.

Confectionery and cereal bars
GoodMills Innovation’s cracked peas are also perfect for creating new allergen-free product concepts. They can be used to replace chopped nuts as ingredient in toppings and they ensure a crunchy texture and a nutty flavour in cereal bars. Another benefit is that, unlike nuts, peas are readily available year-round and they are a more cost-efficient ingredient.

“The fact that we are launching YePea during ‘The International Year of Pulses’ shows that we have our fingers on the market’s pulse,” says Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation. “Legumes as a source of vegetable proteins are enjoying a tremendous renaissance at the moment. With our innovative ingredient, we are demonstrating that it is possible to deliver outstanding taste, easy processing, Clean Label status and a valuable nutritional profile all at the same time from one economical source.”

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