Vegetable peel chips on offer at waste-conscious hotel in Germany

12-Mar-2018 - Germany

The leftovers that other chefs throw out - such as potato peel, broccoli stalks and tomato ends - are special ingredients for German chef Dominik Flettner.

kalhh/ Pixabay

The head chef of the Sail City hotel in Bremerhaven on the country's northern coast has been trying for four years to use every part of his fruit and vegetables and minimize waste.

"It was tricky at first," said the 45-year-old cook, but the results now speak for themselves: some 2,000 litres of food waste saved in the last year.

Other cooks' throw-aways - like potato and carrot peelings - Flettner makes into chips and throws on salad as garnish. While others may pan broccoli stalks, he turns them into pan-fried vegetable schnitzel. Tomato ends, meanwhile, end up in soup for Klettner's menu, and not in the bin. (dpa)

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