28-Jun-2018 - dpa Deutsche Presseagentur GmbH

Cat meat-filled snacks land Kenyan vendor in jail for three years

A snack vendor in Kenya has been handed a three-year sentence for killing more than 1,000 cats and selling samosas stuffed with their meat to unsuspecting customers.

Samosas are a common snack in Kenya, consisting of fried dough with a savoury filling. Cat meat is not usually involved. 

The vendor was handed the sentence by a court in Nakuru county, north of Nairobi on Monday, but also given the choice of paying a 3,000-dollar fine. 

James Mukangu Kimani was caught slaughtering a cat by angry members of the public on Sunday. After the discovery, they attacked him with kicks and blows. 

He was rescued by police and while holding the carcass of a mutilated animal. He told Kenya Broadcasting Corporation that he had slaughtered nearly 1,000 of the felines since 2012. (dpa)

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