Nqyer Media: Success with new YouTube format for Maggi

17-Aug-2018 - Germany

The Hamburg-based branded entertainment and influencer marketing agency Nqyer Media has successfully concluded its first joint collaboration with the Maggi brand. Nqyer had developed a YouTube format for Maggi's "Ideas from the Weekly Market" product range, which was intended above all to make Millenials want creative and fresh cooking.

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

The "3-course menu challenge" format was extremely well received by the target group with 96 percent positive interactions. More than 1,000,000 views were generated by the videos, which started in June 2018. "Among other things, our format has reached these figures through the gamified challenges," says Julian Mohr, Managing Director of Nqyer Media. "Intelligent and entertaining formats that are adapted to the pop culture and usage habits of the target group beat simple product placements by far. We have organically generated a good eight million minutes of watch-time. This is a clear indicator that the future of brand and influencer marketing lies in entertaining formats."

Behind the title "3-course Menu Challenge" are videos of YouTubers who - limited by various challenges - produced films in which they use Maggi products from the range "Ideas from the Weekly Market". Hurdles the YouTubers had to overcome included cooking with only one hand, preparing food blindfolded under the guidance of a friend or shouting like star chef Gordon Ramsay while preparing it.

Maggi has been pursuing a consistent digital strategy for some time now. In 2017, the brand expanded its digital presence to link online and offline. Maggi produces the online content for the channels Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest mainly in the Maggi Kochstudio Store in downtown Frankfurt. Consumers can follow the production live on site and thus have a unique brand experience. A blog with a food blogger team consisting of experts from Maggi Kochstudio and the chatbot "KIM" round off the digital presence. "Maggi is one of the most digital food brands in Germany today," says Nora Bartha-Hecking, Communication Manager PR at Maggi. "A holistic digital strategy also includes smartly implemented influencer cooperations. Because the target group of Millenials can no longer be reached purely via linear formats. That is why we are increasingly relying on influencer marketing concepts that can convey messages and at the same time offer the target group entertainment.

To bridge the gap between brands, advertising, consumers and influencers, Nqyer Media is currently focusing strongly on creative branded entertainment formats. In addition to the videos for Maggi, in recent months formats in the areas of social media, e-gaming and VR have been created for a large number of companies, including Porsche.

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