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The drink that awakens the lions



The organic magic potion "PilotsFriend" becomes an object of desire for the TV investors of the Canadian "Cave of the Lions".

Wide awake, quick to react, efficient - these are the skills we expect from pilots on long-haul flights. But we also need a fresh kick from time to time: during an endless conference, on vacation or after work. But coffee, artificial energy drinks and sweet lemonades only improve our performance in the short term. Who would know better than the protagonists behind the beverage start-up "PilotsFriend" - above all the company founder and pilot Santiago de Christos.

This drink works wonders

"Staying healthy and awake in the cockpit" was the original idea of de Christos. And that with a refreshing, stimulating drink of organic quality, without artificial substances such as the sweetener aspartame, which aviation organisations warned against. The elixir was simmering in the creative kettles for a whole 10 years. Doctors, bio-scientists and flight captains mixed until the bio-feel-well drink was perfect. The result: a multifunctional drink that combines the properties of a digestif with those of a tonic water and an espresso. The secret: thanks to the caffeine extracts from guarana and cola nut, the wake-up effect unfolds pleasantly delayed. And not only pilots like company founder de Christos profit from this.

From the TV directly to the shelves

With so much expertise, it is hardly surprising that the company's appearance with its bio-feel-well drink at "Dragon's Den", the Canadian version of the "Lion's Cave", not only attracted the attention of millions of spectators. Staged in a pilot's outfit and with flying, inflamed shakers, he woke up three dragons of the 6-strong jury. The support of financially strong investors is highly sought after, but is rarely granted. But the managers were enchanted by the product and invested the proud sum of 500,000 euros in the new magic potion.

For the company, this television appearance became a precision landing. The "dragons" recognized the elixir of life, as connoisseurs now call it, as a strong alternative to the conventional market of energy drinks. "A reaction like we haven't had in a long time", the TV station confirms the success of the start-up. The next goal of de Christos? The precision landing on supermarket shelves.

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