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The power of the brand: startup Germany 2022

01-Dec-2022 - Germany

Even the numerous and far-reaching crises of recent times have been unable to curb the rapid growth of the German venture capital ecosystem. On the contrary: Ever larger funds, continuing high funding rounds, and an ever expanding ecosystem are feeding the startup spirit and the country’s innovative strength.

Computer generated picture

Computer generated picture

Although Germany may not yet have made it into the ranks of the top players in terms of venture capital and innovative strength, young startups are nonetheless also increasingly challenging established markets in the country. However, merely being the “new kid on the block” is no longer enough to successfully position yourself on the market. In times when others quickly catch up on almost every innovative lead and all market participants are dependent on the same advertising networks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make out any difference at product and marketing level. In such an environment, the power of the brand and the power of the creatives are becoming ever more important.

And so, in addition to higher funding rounds and valuations, we are also seeing more and more high-quality brand work among young, up-and-coming companies – whether in the form of clever dynamic video ads and out-of-home campaigns or brand partnerships aimed at specific target groups. We have noticed over the past twelve months how the brand as a subject has become very important to a growing number of company founders. The brand work of startups is also increasingly being discussed in the public domain and even the established advertising world is eyeing the activities of young brands with considerable interest.


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