Popcorn from the USA - the GMO-free snack

15-Dec-2022 - USA

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: that's the usual order of meals during the day. The food trend "snackification" offers a flexible alternative: many small meals instead of just three large main meals. But the mini-meals also have to be balanced and delicious. Popcorn from the USA is not only free of genetic engineering (GMO), but also low in calories, making it the ideal snack for in-between meals.

The Popcorn Board

Popcorn from the USA is GMO-free

Only a special corn kernel, the so-called puffed corn, is suitable for the production of popcorn. The corn from the USA is grown naturally without the use of genetic engineering. Air-popped, a handful has only about 30 calories, making it a good alternative to sweet and fatty snacks such as chocolate or chips. This is because the whole grain not only provides fiber, which keeps you full for a particularly long time, but is also naturally low in fat and calories. In addition, it contains neither sugar nor additives or hidden ingredients.

In this country, popcorn is most popular in sweet or salty varieties. But thanks to its neutral flavor, the fluffy kernel can be used in a variety of ways. Whether savory with aromatic spices, herbs or cheese, or sweet, with caramel or fruit, the little kernel can be prepared as desired and in little time.

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