Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde in aluminum capsule


Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde now in aluminum capsules!Dallmayr will also be using aluminum for Gran Verde capsules in the future.

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Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde

The traditional Munich roaster Dallmayr is converting its sustainable coffee capsules with the organic and Fairtrade seal "capsa Gran Verde" to aluminum. The changeover will take place gradually from November 2023. A highlight for all Dallmayr fans who like to enjoy their coffee consciously at the touch of a button!

Sustainable enjoyment from the aluminum capsule

Dallmayr capsa Gran Verde is now packaged in recyclable aluminum capsules. The capsules perfectly protect the aroma from light, air and moisture until it is freshly brewed in the cup. The contents of one capsule are precisely proportioned for preparing a cup of lungo or espresso in a Nespresso®* machine in seconds. Pre-portioning conserves the resources used and wastes neither coffee nor water.

For capsa Gran Verde, the material of the capsules is made from 80% recycled aluminum. The conversion of the entire capsa range to 80% recycled aluminum will take place by the end of 2023. The recyclable aluminum capsules are licensed in Germany with the Green Dot and can be disposed of after use in the yellow bag, yellow garbage can or scrap metal collection point.

Dallmayr Gran Verde: 100% Sustainable. 100% Organic. 100% Fair.

Dallmayr Gran Verde consists of 100 percent fair trade and organic coffee. The beans come from Peru. The South American country is a pioneer in the cultivation of fair trade coffee in organic quality (FTO). The prerequisite for certification is organic coffee cultivation without the use of pesticides. In addition, Fairtrade ensures a regular income for small farmers and their families through minimum prices for green coffee, promotes social development in coffee-growing areas through Fairtrade premiums, and advocates compliance with ethical principles. In addition to a Café Crème and a filter coffee, Dallmayr also offers two capsule varieties under the Gran Verde umbrella - capsa Lungo Intenso and Espresso. The taste of the Lungo is characterized by organic and Fairtrade-certified Arabica beans from the highlands of Peru. The beans are full-bodied and strong in flavor. For the espresso, the finest Arabica highland and Robusta beans are intensively and gently roasted. This gives them the typical full-bodied taste.

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