Naturally cloudy apple juices promote intestinal health

Study by the German Sport University Cologne, Leibniz Universität Hannover and the University of Vienna investigates the interaction between drinks and sport

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The intestine is a central immunogenic organ in humans and influences the body's entire immune system. On the one hand, it has to absorb nutrients, on the other hand it has to act as a barrier and ward off pathogenic bacteria. This property is known as the intestinal barrier. A study by the German Sport University Cologne, the Leibniz University of Hanover and the University of Vienna has now shown that drinking naturally cloudy apple juice spritzers has a positive effect on the function of the intestinal barrier.

An intact intestinal barrier is not only of central importance for the health of the intestine, but also for the entire organism. Various studies show that both physical activity and the intake of nutrients have an influence on the intestinal barrier. Studies have shown that the intestinal barrier is affected by extreme physical exertion, such as marathons and ultra runs. A similar effect has been observed with a high-fat diet and a high-fructose diet. The consumption of sugary drinks after intensive physical exertion has been described in a large number of studies as promoting regeneration. Therefore, the consumption of carbohydrate-containing sports drinks after physical exertion is recommended. Many athletes also opt for the natural alternative in the form of fruit juices or fruit juice spritzers.

As part of the "Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung" (IGF, project AIF 21925 N) funding program, a working group from the German Sport University Cologne, Leibniz University Hannover and the University of Vienna have now jointly investigated the extent to which these drinks influence the intestinal barrier in combination with physical exertion. The results were recently presented at the annual conference of the German Nutrition Society.

The main finding of the study was that drinking naturally cloudy apple juice spritzers has a positive effect on the function of the intestinal barrier, both in everyday life and after physical exertion. Intense physical activity reduces the barrier function in the intestine. In addition, the intake of sugars after physical exertion can slow down the regeneration of the intestine. However, if the sugars are absorbed embedded in a fruit juice matrix, as is the case with naturally cloudy apple juices, these negative effects can be significantly mitigated.

The results of the study underline the already known positive effects of naturally cloudy apple juice spritzers as natural regeneration drinks after physical exertion. In addition to the rehydrating effect, they also promote the regeneration of the intestines after physical activity.

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