Filters: Mini-UniPrep™

Mini-UniPrep integrated syringeless filters

Cytiva Europe GmbH

All-in-one filtration allows you to process samples in one-third of the time

Wide range of membrane choices available

Fewer consumables are required, reducing costs by up to 40%

Making sample preparation easier, faster and more efficient

Whatman Mini-UniPrep syringeless filtration for HPLC.

Chromatography sample preparation steps involving multiple consumables like syringe filters, vials, and septa increases costs and time required for sample preparation. Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters eliminate the need for these separate disposable components and prepare samples in one-third the time required by other methods used for high performance liquid chromatography.

By excluding large particles from a chromatography sample, the time required to process the mobile phase is shortened. Also, HPLC column life is extended by reducing contamination that ultimately causes clogging and back pressure build up.

A borosilicate glass vial version is available, Mini-UniPrep G2, eliminating plastic-based leachables that can originate from a polypropylene vial.

Recyclable after use. 30 syringe filters including Mini-UniPrep filters, Whatman GD/X filters and Puradisc syringe filters, have been awarded ACT labels by My Green Lab, a first for Cytiva, and a first for syringe filters. Use the ‘Request information’ button to learn more.


Mini-UniPrep™ syringeless filters


Mini-UniPrep™ filter vial replaces syringe filter, syringe, autosampler vial, cap, and septum


Can be used manually or with a compressor unit


Mini-UniPrep™ ACT label, an environmental impact score

Product classification


Bitterness tests in brewing
Carbohydrate tests in brewing
Identify and quantify contaminants such as pesticides/aflatoxins
Identify and quantify ingredients/additives
protein precipitation
Routine HPLC/uHPLC analysis
sample filtration
sample preparation

Product categories

syringeless filter

Target Industries

industrial chemistry

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Filters: Mini-UniPrep™

Mini-UniPrep integrated syringeless filters