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Microbiology QC products by Cytiva

Efficient membrane filtration for food and beverage testing

Optimize your laboratory tests with versatile filtration systems

Sustainable solutions for filter funnels (partially disposable or reusable) ✓ Wide choice of membranes ✓ Reduce contamination risk ✓...

bioburden testing filter funnels filters +10
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Mini-UniPrep™ by Cytiva

Improved HPLC sample preparation

Save 66% sample preparation time and reduce costs by 40%

All-in-one filtration allows you to process samples in one-third of the time ✓ Wide range of membrane choices available ✓ Fewer consumables are required, reducing costs by up to 40% ✓...

chromatography filter units filters +11
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Whatman GD/X™ syringe filters by Cytiva

High-performance syringe filter for difficult samples

Up to 7 times more volume with low manual pressure, recyclable

Processes three to seven times more sample volume – save time ✓ Requires less hand pressure, even with the most difficult samples – save your sample ✓ Prefiltration stack of Whatman GMF 150 and GF/F glass microfiber media – save your thumb ✓...

beverage analysis concentration analysis filtration +5
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Whatman filtration product guide by Cytiva

New filtration catalog - a wealth of information on 286 pages

Discover the right filters for your laboratory application

This filtration reference tool covers Cytiva’s broad range of filter papers, membrane filters, thimbles, filtration devices and laboratory essentials...

acid analysis acid testing bacteria detection +19
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Cellulose filter papers by Cytiva

More efficiency in the laboratory - discover top filter papers from Whatman now

Filter faster - achieve precise results

Manufactured from high-quality cotton linters ✓ Wide choice of retention/flow rate combinations ✓ Folded options available to save time ✓...

cellulose cellulose filter degassing +8
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Anopore™ by Cytiva

Precise filtration made easy with Anopore inorganic membranes

The aluminum oxide filter membrane that can increase the purity or yield of your analyte

High pore density and narrow pore size distribution make it an extremely precise membrane ✓ Extremely low protein binding minimizes sample loss ✓ Virtually transparent when wet, making it suitable for microscopy studies ✓...

filter membranes gravimetric analysis inorganic membranes +1
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Whatman™ folded filter papers by Cytiva

Whatman folded filter papers, the convenient format for busy food and beverage labs

Convenient folded formats speed up your sample preparation

Convenient stacking and packing options are available ✓ Quadrant: space saving; pyramid/cone: ready to go into the funnel; pleated: reduced filtration time ✓ Fast. Easy. Efficient ✓...

automation filter papers filtration paper +2
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