Nestlé Announces New U.S. Zero Waste To Landfill Commitment

12-Oct-2015 - Switzerland

Swiss foods giant Nestlé SA Wednesday released in the United States its second Creating Shared Value or CSV report outlining the company's accomplishments in nutrition, health and wellness; environmental sustainability; and social impact in 2014, as well as its forward-looking commitments.

The company also celebrates key achievements like more than 1,000 product reformulations for consumer health and preference considerations, as well as a new commitment to achieve zero waste to landfill status in all U.S. factories by 2020.

In 2014, 12 facilities in the U.S. achieved zero waste to landfill status. In 2015, 25 facilities accomplished this feat. Nestlé has committed to achieve zero waste to landfill status in 100 percent of its U.S. factories by 2020.

Nestlé Waters North America or NWNA announced that Arrowhead Brand 100 percent Mountain Spring Water will increase the amount of recycled content used by the brand by nearly 40 percent in California. Arrowhead already uses recycled material in its half liter bottle, but the latest announcement will expand the use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate to additional bottle sizes by the end of 2016. This builds on NWNA's commitment to reuse more plastic.

In 2014, 100 percent of Nestlé's children's products met the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria for sodium, as committed to in 2013. Also, 96 percent of children's products were compliant with the Nestlé Nutrition Foundation guidelines for sugar.   (dpa-AFX)

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