Bühler and Givaudan collaborate on unique innovation center for plant-based foods in Singapore

Joint development of tailor-made plant-based products for Asian markets

14-Feb-2020 - Switzerland

The leading supplier in the field of food technology and the world leader in fragrances and flavours are bringing their global partnership to South East Asia. Together they are building an innovation centre for plant-based food products. The new facility is expected to open this year in Singapore.


Givaudan Woodlands site in Singapore

"By 2050, the world population is expected to grow to ten billion people. This is too great a challenge to be able to master it alone," says Ian Roberts, CTO of Bühler. "Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need to work together. This is the only way they can meet the challenges of climate and nutrition. Universities, start-ups and companies must work together to be creative and find more sustainable ways of producing food. That is what this innovation centre is all about. We are happy to have found a like-minded partner to help us realize this vision - in Asia, where half of the world's population lives.

Joint centre with experts from both companies

The new facility at the Givaudan Woodlands site in Singapore is jointly operated by both companies. It includes a pilot plant with Bühler extrusion and process technology as well as a kitchen and a Givaudan aroma laboratory. The institution is supported by experts from both companies.

The Innovation Centre is open to food processing companies, start-ups and university researchers who want to develop novel plant-based foods. Bühler has extensive experience in the field of plant engineering and process technology. When combined with Givaudan's expertise in flavour, taste, ingredient and product development, it creates unique opportunities and synergies for new product developers. Great advantages are offered in particular by the use of wet or dry extrusion, with which, among other things, plant-based meat alternatives are produced.

Focus on Asian markets

"It makes us proud to launch this initiative. It shows that leading industrial companies are working together for the benefit of the entire system of food innovations. We are particularly pleased that this project is being implemented in Singapore, a diverse country in the heart of Southeast Asia with strong ambitions for the future of nutrition. In Asia we see great market potential for plant-based products in the coming years, especially in the alternative meat products segment. Our combined expertise in the development and production of plant-based foods opens up new food offerings that incorporate the tastes, texture expectations and cooking techniques of the Asian population," says Fabio Campanile, Head of Science and Technology at Givaudan. "It is important to focus on extrudates at the beginning, because they are a key technology for the development of authentic meat alternatives. For Givaudan this is a great advantage. We have optimized the aroma and taste aspects and can produce extruded products that are very tasty and nutritious for consumers".

Innovation Centre already accepts inquiries

The innovation centre is currently under construction at Givaudan Woodlands in Singapore. The project will be presented in more detail later this year at the protein pavilion at the Future Food Asia trade fair. The exhibition will take place in Singapore from 2 to 3 June 2020. The opening of the centre is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020. Companies, start-ups, and universities can already now contact the Bühler and Givaudan affiliates in Singapore. They provide more information about availability for development and test runs.

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