German bread increasingly in demand in Great Britain

11-May-2021 - United Kingdom

German bread is becoming increasingly popular in the U.K. "Not only has immigration from Central and Eastern Europe in recent decades created a surge in demand, but many British consumers now appreciate the variety of different baked goods on offer," the head of the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) in London, Ulrich Hoppe, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. "Apart from brown bread, which is often imported, bread is of course usually baked locally and not sourced from the continent."




Many supermarket chains have integrated bakeries into their stores and offer German-style bread, Hoppe said. Lidl UK, for example, has two varieties on offer, rye and sunflower seed bread. But the chain would not give details of sales, nor would other retailers. There are also several German bakeries across the country.

In southwest London, for example, where a large German community lives around the German School, the deli "Hansel & Pretzel" opened in 2009. Since then, the proportion of British customers has risen to about half, said owner Petra Braun. "German customers know what bread they want. English people let themselves be surprised, but they tend to reach for lighter breads," Braun said, explaining the differences.

However, the Brexit has had an impact on supply chains, as Braun imports almost all ingredients from Germany. "It's a crazy amount of work," she said. That's largely because since the U.K. finally left the customs union, she only has to prepare customs declarations for all imports. "Not only is it three times more expensive, but the time involved is at least three times more," she said./bvi/DP/zb

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