Corona creates a striking global image from plastic taken from our oceans

Imagine a world without plastic

14-Jun-2022 - USA

On World Oceans Day, Corona, a global brand of AB InBev, brings its industry-leading net zero plastic footprint* to life with a compelling visual installation. The brand unveiled a letter made of ocean-bound plastic with the message "Imagine a World Free of Plastic" to highlight the global scale of the current environmental crisis. The plastic used in the exhibit was made from materials collected during global beach cleanups by Corona and its partners.


The installation draws attention to the 300 million tons of plastic that enter our oceans each year and account for over 80% of all marine debris** (IUCN, 2021). The following markets have replicated the Mexico plastic letter with marine plastic from their local waters/oceans: Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Germany, Canary Islands, Italy and Puerto Rico.

"World Oceans Day is an opportunity to reflect on and understand the impact humans have on vital natural resources. Given Corona's long history of protecting paradise, we needed to send an important message to the world," said Felipe Ambra, Global Corona Vice President. "We created this plastic letter installation to point out that it's time to act, not just talk. We must act urgently to continue to protect our oceans from daily plastic pollution, and we hope this image inspires others to re-evaluate the role and impact they can have."

In addition to the plastic letter, Corona has also made great efforts to combat plastic pollution in the oceans in innovative ways. To mark this year's Global Recycling Day, Corona hosted the first-ever Global Fishing Tournament in China, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Colombia and Mexico, removing nearly 10 tons of plastic waste from the ocean and supporting local fishing communities. In Germany, Corona has developed a smart reusable crate program that uses over 90% recycled plastic to avoid the production of new plastic. To date, Corona has conducted more than 1,400 cleanups, engaged more than 68,000 volunteers and collected plastic waste from more than 44 million square meters of beach.

"It's important to know that the plastic we recover is not from Mexico. It's plastic that comes from all over the world and ends up on beaches everywhere through ocean currents," says Mercedes Guzman, founder of Paralyzed, Corona's beach cleanup and recycling partner for the Mexico Plastic Letter. "Even though our work on the ground is very difficult, it's fulfilling to send the message that while it's not my plastic, it's my shared world that we need to protect."

The Plastic Beach Letter underscores Corona's industry-leading position as the first global beverage brand to achieve a net zero plastic footprint by 2021. This initiative is part of the brand's ongoing efforts to reclaim more plastic from the environment than it releases. See how the World Oceans Day plastic letter came to life through Wieden+Kennedy's short film short film.

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