Soon tomatoes in short supply? - British farmers warn of supply crisis

07-Dec-2022 - United Kingdom

British farmers are warning of supply problems in the face of hugely increased prices. "I fear the country
is sleepwalking into more food crises because the future of Britain's fruit and vegetable supply is in trouble," Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers' Union, told the BBC on Tuesday. Recent shortages on the egg shelves of British supermarkets - caused in part by a major outbreak of bird flu - may have been just the beginning. tomatoes, cucumbers and pears could also become scarce because growing them consumes a lot of energy.

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For decades, consumers in the UK have been used to getting good quality food with high environmental and animal welfare standards at affordable prices, he said. This is now in jeopardy, Batters warned. The association called on the U.K. government to support farmers and growers who have been hit hard by increased prices for fertilizer, feed, energy and fuel.

According to the PA news agency, the Ministry of Agriculture said food security is guaranteed because it is built on several pillars - relying not only on domestic breeding but also on imports.

Food prices have risen significantly in the kingdom. Higher costs for energy, pet food and transport drove food inflation to a record 12.4 percent in November, according to calculations by retail association BRC and market research firm Nielsen IQ./swe/DP/nas (dpa)

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