Veganz secures revolutionary Vitiprints license for printed milk alternatives

16-Dec-2022 - Germany
Veganz Group AG (, the only multi-category provider of vegan food in Europe, today announced it
has secured a license from Vitiprints LLC for a unique new patented printing process for producing printed oat, almond, soy and other milk-alternatives/order_t/'>milk alternatives. Vitiprints LLC is a US based technology group that has invented an innovative two-dimensional ("2D") high-speed printing technology to provide healthier, environmentally superior alternatives to milk and milk products. Terms of the deal were not announced.

Veganz will thus produce a line of both market-ready and patent-protected as well as environmentally friendly and competitive printed milk alternatives and related products with a variety of form factors customized for food service and consumer use. These unique printed sheets, discs or pads can be easily and quickly transformed into fresh, high-quality, and healthy milk alternatives. The quick-dissolving, easily portable, and versatile printed products combine the highest quality oats, almonds or soy and are optional free of sugar, gluten, fillers, and preservatives. This innovative milk alternative print also reduces the package volume for storage and weight of the product by over 90 percent providing true eco-friendly benefits by helping to reduce plastic packaging, water usage, and shipping costs. Additionally, the Vitiprints process beyond providing instantly pure and fresh milk alternatives increases its shelf life to over two years.

Veganz printed milk alternatives will come in plastic-free packaging and cause 75 percent less carbon dioxide and 53 percent less other greenhouse gases than typical milks packaged in plastic bottles. Veganz printed milk alternative sheets or discs can be mixed with a standard blender adding just water or Veganz printed pads can be dropped directly into beverages such as coffee and teas as an alternative for conventional coffee creamers.

"We are excited to have entered this exclusive Vitiprints Printed Milk Technology License with Veganz that encompasses the entire European Community", said Andrew Ferber, Chairman of Vitiprints. "This innovative new process will enable Veganz not only to produce a superior tasting product but will dramatically reduce the standard milk footprint at retail and beyond! We look forward to working together and introducing the Vitiprints technology in Europe with a great partner like Veganz and introduce an all-new standard in the food and beverage marketplace."

"The Vitiprints license for printed milk alternatives will allow us to leverage a leading-edge printing technology, helping us address consumer needs in a healthy, green and sustainable way, while at the same time enabling us to expand our portfolio of products into new target markets," says Jan Bredack, founder and CEO of Veganz Group AG. "We are incredibly excited that our new printed products will offer environmentally superior, great tasting and even heathier alternatives that our customers look for in every Veganz product they purchase."
Photo by Miguel Perales on Unsplash

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