Germany: Startup boom in the food sector with almost 30% growth

Berlin makes significant gains, Munich still just ahead

14-Jul-2023 - Germany

With the report series"Next Generation - Startup New Foundations in Germany", Startup-Verband and startupdetector record the startup dynamics in Germany.

The core results:

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(1) More startup startups:
Compared to the second half of 2022, startup founding activity in Germany increased by 16% to nearly 1,300 startups in the first six months of 2023.

(2) Trend reversal emerging:
A particularly large number of startups were founded in June 2023, which is the first sign of a return to the positive momentum of earlier years after the startup slump in 2022.

(3) Berlin makes significant gains, Munich still just ahead:
After a massive slump in startups in the startup hotspot Berlin last year, the capital is coming back with a strong increase of 40% - Munich is currently stagnating, but remains in the lead in terms of startups per capita over the past 12 months.

(4) Tourism winners - blockchain/crypto losers:
Overall, there is an upward trend in almost all sectors - the clearest winner is tourism (+ 111 %), the clear loser is the blockchain & crypto sector (- 62 %).

Due to ongoing economic uncertainties, startups had slumped last year. This downward trend is halted with an increase of 16% in the first half of 2023 - the development in the most recent months is particularly positive. At the same time, the number of startups in the first half of 2023 is significantly lower than in the record year 2021.

Looking at the regional distribution, it is clear that the Berlin ecosystem has recovered after the significant slump in 2022. Munich remains close to the top relative to the population, but the positive trend of most other regions is not evident here. It is noteworthy that in the ranking of startups per capita, three research-related startup locations - Karlsruhe, Darmstadt and Heidelberg - are among the top 5. This shows the great potential of the strong research in this country for the startup ecosystem.

The general recovery in startups is evident in almost all sectors. However, the blockchain and crypto sector shows a clear negative development, reflecting the current crisis in the sector. The clearest winner is the tourism industry (+ 111%) - in addition, the mobility (+ 30%), food (+ 29%) and software (+ 23%) sectors show the greatest growth.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Christian Miele (CEO Startup Association):

"In the first half of 2023, significantly more startups were founded again. After the slump in startups in 2022, this is an important signal for the economic and innovative strength of our country.

This momentum is not a foregone conclusion; we must do everything in our power to keep it alive. We take the federal government to task for swiftly and resolutely implementing the measures of the startup strategy, which will soon be in its second year. There is still room for improvement here. If we make Germany the world market leader for startups, it can give our limping economy a real boost.

The high startup momentum at research-strong locations shows the potential Germany has beyond the well-known startup hotspots. To make better use of our strength in research, we need to make the topic of entrepreneurship more prominent in universities and lower legal and bureaucratic hurdles to spin-offs. If this succeeds, we will see many more startups at German universities."

Dr. Felix Engelmann (co-founder startupdetector):

"Last year we saw a historic decline in startup foundings. The startup scene is to be wished that it emerges from this crisis similarly strengthened as from the Corona pandemic. As then, certain industries are proving to be crisis-proof or even crisis winners today. During the pandemic, new ideas flourished in e-commerce, last year green technologies bucked the negative trend, and now potential is emerging in the tourism and mobility sectors.

Therein lies the strength of startups: with agility and courage, they focus their innovative power on the opportunities to be found in every crisis. That's why startup funding is of great importance for Germany as a location for innovation."

About the report:
The report "Next Generation - Startup Foundations in Germany" provides continuous semi-annual monitoring of one of the key success indicators of the German startup ecosystem. The series is based on startupdetector's data on startups in Germany, which is based on commercial register data and has been collected since 2019.

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