These top trends are boosting the tea market

21-Jul-2023 - Germany
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With their natural diversity, tea, herbal and fruit teas continue to inspire consumers, producers and manufacturers to come up with new creations and product ideas. But which trends are currently in the lead and are characterized by strong dynamics? The German Tea & Herbal Tea Association surveyed its members and identified the current top tea trends. Read here to find out what tea fans expect from their favorite beverage today and which teas are particularly popular at the moment and will probably remain so in the years to come.

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Cold Brew Teas increasingly in demand

Cold Brew Teas

As a new option to traditional hot brew, more and more consumers are currently discovering teas that can be quickly and easily prepared cold. Here, tea manufacturers now offer a whole range of herbal and fruit teas in bags that can be easily prepared with ice-cold water as refreshing and varied thirst quenchers. Not only in the summer months a low-calorie and sugar-free alternative to soft drinks or to pure water.

Beauty and functional teas

Teas that have an additional benefit from the consumer's point of view are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it's the powerful caffeine kick of mate, for example, or the calming effect of some herbs, or hoped-for wellness and relaxation effects. Teas, herbal teas and fruit teas, which are perceived not only as pure beverages, are further ahead in the buyers' favor.

Mocktails instead of cocktails

The trend toward more conscious nutrition and more wellness in life is also having an impact on alcohol consumption. Particularly among Generation Z, alcohol is no longer automatically equated with a carefree lifestyle. Alcohol-free cocktails, so-called mocktails, close the gap here. Many of the recipes are based on teas, herbal teas and fruit teas, the natural variety of which can be used to create new alcohol-free variants for the bar, pool and party.

The main thing is natural

Tea fans place particularly high demands on their favorite beverage - also in terms of origin, production, processing, transport and packaging. In 2022, for example, the organic share of teas, herbal and fruit teas was already more than twice as high as the average organic share of the entire food market in Germany. The desire for naturalness and sustainability is increasingly influencing the buying behavior of tea fans and now extends to resource-saving packaging solutions.

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