Gustavo Gusto launches national listing and broad distribution in the Netherlands via Picnic

27-Jul-2023 - Germany

Gustavo Gusto, producer of premium frozen pizzas, is expanding its market presence in the Netherlands. The company has identified national listing and broad distribution through online supermarket Picnic. "The agreement with Picnic marks another step in our global expansion strategy. Through Picnic, we can now reach more than 80 percent of all residents in the Netherlands," says Christoph Schramm, founder and CEO of Gustavo Gusto. Offered at Picinc in the Netherlands are the premium frozen pizzas in the "Extra Airy" series under the name "Extra Luchtig" with the varieties Margherita, Salame, Speciale and Tre Formaggi.

Gustavo Gusto GmbH & Co. KG

Gustavo Gusto "Extra Luchtig" pizza varieties Margherita, Salame, Speciale and Tre Formaggi

"Gustavo Gusto's premium frozen pizzas are very popular with our German customers," said Frederic Knaudt from Picnic Germany's founding team. "Our customers in the Netherlands will now also be able to enjoy them."

Gustavo Gusto is already represented in the Netherlands since the beginning of 2022 via the instant delivery service Flink. Christoph Schramm: "In addition to our measures in Germany, we will continue to drive our international expansion and sign even more distribution agreements in other countries. We are experiencing strong demand for our premium frozen pizzas throughout Europe."

Gustavo Gusto's "Extra Airy" premium frozen pizza.

Gustavo Gusto significantly expanded its product portfolio last year, launching a new range under the name "Extra Airy" with five varieties: Margherita, Funghi, Salame, Speciale and Tre Formaggi. These are frozen pizzas with a diameter of around 24.5 cm. These somewhat smaller variants complement the previous classic range with the 30 cm premium frozen pizzas.

Gustavo Gusto has already created a completely new premium segment with the large pizzas. This premium claim also exists with the somewhat smaller frozen pizzas.

Unlike the classic Gustavo Gusto pizzas, the "Extra Airy" pizzas use a traditional sourdough called Lievito Madre. This provides the extra airy fluffy result. A little durum wheat semolina also gives the pizza its rustic character. As with Gustavo Gusto classics, this pizza dough is allowed to naturally age for an extra long time and is gently spread by hand. The tomato sauce is made fresh daily on site and according to our own recipe.

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