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08-Aug-2023 - Germany
Crafting Future GmbH

Crafting Future reusable bowl is filled at a salad bar

Crafting Future, manufacturer and producer of innovative reusable containers, announces the launch of their brand new reusable guide. The guide provides comprehensive information and effective approaches to successfully implement reusable systems in business catering.

The mandatory reusable offer, which has been in force since the beginning of 2023, has laid an important foundation for promoting sustainability in the catering industry. However, the implementation of the law is significantly behind expectations. Research by Greenpeace in mid-January revealed that 52% of the establishments concerned were not complying with the obligation and had not offered reusable alternatives for takeaway food and beverages¹.

Last but not least, the issue of reusable packaging is being intensively discussed at EU level as part of the proposed packaging regulation (PPWR). At the beginning of June, the New European Reuse Alliance and Planet Reuse² launched the "rEUse campaign" to coincide with "EU Greenweek". The campaign aims to draw attention to the advantages and importance of the circular economy so that reusable systems become the standard.

Free reusable guide

Crafting Future also wants to contribute to the education of functioning reusable systems and has developed the reusable guide for this reason. This is designed to help company caterers optimize internal processes, make acquisition costs more profitable, maintain hygienic standards and increase the use of reusable offerings.

"We know that many establishments offer a reusable system but have difficulties implementing it," explains Jan Patzer, managing director of Crafting Future. "With our reusable guide, we want to discuss concrete measures and present solutions on how reusable also works successfully in practice."

Crafting Future's free reusable guide contains a wealth of relevant information and practical tools. In addition to a cost calculator that helps companies analyze their expenditures on reusable packaging, important tips on hygienic cleaning of reusable containers are provided to optimize the process and minimize potential risks.

Another focus of the reusable guide is on effective communication on the use of reusables. Companies receive a short guide that can be customized to help them inform employees and customers about the reusable concept and increase acceptance. 

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