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Nominated as an innovative project for a climate-friendly future: Savings of over 160,000 kWh of electricity per year through lighting conversion at the Wieselburg brewery

Nominated as an innovative project for a climate-friendly future: saving over 160,000 kWh of electricity per year by changing the lighting at the Wieselburg brewery.

In the "HERMES.Wirtschafts.Preis" competition, the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Economic Location, together with media partners, honors companies that have a lasting impact on Austria's economy. As part of the "Gala of the Austrian Economy", prizes in nine categories plus the honorary prize "Entrepreneur 2023" will be awarded on October 20 at the Hofburg in Vienna - Brau Union Österreich is nominated for the HERMES.Klimaschutz.Preis.

Wieselburg Brewery: Enormous energy savings through lighting conversion

As part of its "Brew a Better World" strategy, Brau Union Österreich strives to continuously promote the use of renewable energy sources and to reduce the consumption of heat and fuels as well as overall energy consumption through various measures at all locations. In Wieselburg, a comprehensive energy fine analysis was started in the fall of 2022, and potential for improvement in the area of lighting was identified. In spring 2023, all the lighting in the production halls, including emergency lighting in the halls, and in the outdoor area of the Wieselburg brewery was then converted from conventional halogen lights to energy-efficient LED technology. The conversion results in a saving of 160,300 kWh of electricity per year. The power requirement for the interior lighting was reduced from 80.24 kW to 40.128 kW.

The right lighting in the production halls of a brewery not only ensures sufficient light, in addition to the massive reduction in energy requirements, but also has an impact on the well-being and working methods of the workforce. LED technology is an energy-saving, effective and sustainably environmentally friendly solution in lighting technology. It consumes less power than most other light sources, lasts longer and therefore needs to be replaced far less frequently - which has an additional positive impact in terms of maintenance costs and waste volumes.

Brew a Better World: Recognition for intensive efforts

Gabriela Maria Straka, Director Corporate Affairs & ESG Sustainability, explains: "As the largest brewery company in Austria, Brau Union Österreich is aware of its social and ecological responsibility. A measure such as the consistent lighting changeover at the Wieselburg brewery contributes to an enormous reduction in energy requirements - and is another step towards sustainable beer culture. Our major goal, together with the entire HEINEKEN family, is to be the first brewery company worldwide to be CO2-neutral in all production by 2030, and in the entire value chain by 2040. We are delighted that this effort has been recognized by being nominated for the HERMES.Climate.Protection.Award."

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