World's first AI-generated gin #42 AI

Countdown to "Towel Day" on May 25, 2024

Euelsberger Brennerei

Spacy-cool "outfit" to match the AI-generated gin "#42 AI" - a prism hologram label

"Don't panic!" The latest product from the successful distillery EUELSBERGER from Dingdorf in the Eifel region can now provide the answer to "The question of everything": With gin "#42 AI", the top manufacturer creates a particularly original spirit. An AI-generated gin will be launched on the internationally celebrated "Towel Day" on May 25, 2024 - a day commemorating cult author Douglas Adams and his fantasy novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

The first 1,000 bottles of the "#42 AI" GIN will feature the magical number 42. Distiller Stephan Thomé used the AI bot ChatGPT to compose the ingredients for a new gin from over 300 first-class botanicals from the EUELSBERGER distillery, hand-picked over a period of 10 years, macerated them for exactly 42 hours and then distilled them using the tried-and-tested Euelsberger process. The result is a gin with exactly 42% vol.

For those not (yet) in the know: In the subtly humorous cult novel by British author Adams, a crazy trip takes Englishman Arthur Dent hitchhiking through the galaxy. In addition to the only piece of luggage - a towel ("if you want to survive in the galaxy, you always have to have it with you") - the journey also involves a supercomputer "that can provide the answer to the big question about life, the universe and everything". After seven and a half million years of computing, its artificial intelligence knows the answer: "42"!

For master distiller Stephan Thomé from EUELSBERGER, whose aroma-intensive gin collections have now won over 30 top international awards, "#42 AI" is a tongue-in-cheek reminiscence of the cult that has spread worldwide since the novel was published in 1979.

The idea of producing the first AI-generated gin was born at the opening of the EUELSBERGER GIN SCHOOL last year. Flavor freaks and gin experts created their own gin compositions from the huge selection of botanicals. During the battle, the question arose: "Who has the better taste - the AI or us experts?" A subsequent, anonymous blind tasting by customers, connoisseurs of the international bar and cocktail scene and star chefs rated the prototype as aromatic, highly exciting and of excellent quality.

"It's good that the AI didn't have to calculate for 7.5 million years ... I am fascinated by the creative impulse that AI brings to the game. It has conjured up some surprising notes in the gin glass, resulting in a clear herbal aroma with subtle citrus notes. Now let's see how '#42 AI' from EUELSBERGER is received by customers and 'fans of the galaxy'. My flavor creativity and professional craftsmanship will continue to be the focus of the distillery, AI will of course not replace them," says distiller Stephan Thomé.

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