10 years of Kids'-Voices: HARIBO's success story

Humorous commercials conquer 19 countries - secret of success revealed


For ten years, HARIBO has been bringing children's imaginations to TV screens around the world with its Kids' Voices campaign. At the heart of the campaign are authentic children's dialogs: children's voices can be heard in the commercials, while adult protagonists can be seen in typically adult settings. "The core idea of Kids' Voices is that when you open a bag of HARIBO, the inner child in you comes out. There is a moment of childlike joy. No matter how hectic our day is or how stressful it may be," explains Herwig Vennekens, Chief Commercial Officer of the HARIBO Group. The idea comes from the London agency Quiet Storm. In recent years, HARIBO has adapted the mechanics for different markets around the world, resulting in a global campaign. Whether in Europe, the USA, Japan or South Korea: since the launch of Kids' Voices 2014 in the UK, HARIBO has already shot around 40 commercials in 19 countries and their respective national languages.


HARIBO Gold Bears TV commercial 2024 Smile final scene (c) HARIBO GmbH & Co. KG

The production of the commercials begins with the dialog. There are no prefabricated texts for this; instead, the sound recordings are created freely in a suitably designed setting. Inspired by colorful props and HARIBO sweets, a small group of children are allowed to experiment and have fun together. "It takes real children's voices and authentic childlike imagination to convey what carefree childlike joy is all about," says Trevor Robinson, OBE, creative director and founder of agency Quiet Storm. "When this is then showcased in an adult environment, it's the positive break that makes everyone smile."

Find out more about ten years of Kids' Voices in the video interview with Herwig Vennekens and Trevor Robinson here on www.haribo.com.

The campaign is popular worldwide and regularly wins national awards for the TV commercials in the respective countries, for example in Japan and Turkey. The secret of success is the local implementation of the spots, which incorporates the individual humor and local characteristics of the country: "As we all know, culture and humor vary greatly from country to country. It is precisely this precision that makes the difference in the campaign," says Herwig Vennekens. In Germany, HARIBO's Kids' Voices series regularly ranks first in the long-term study "Germany's advertising favorites" by Spikes and YouGov - as it did in the latest evaluation from March to May 2024.

HARIBO Gold Bears smile across all mountains in new TV commercial

The latest Kids' Voices commercial can now be seen in Germany. For HARIBO's top seller, HARIBO Gold Bears, it's up high: the commercial, which is broadcast on high-reach TV stations and online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, was filmed at an altitude of over 2,000 meters. Up here on the mountain peaks, a group of hikers ask themselves why the Gold Bears are actually smiling. "Our latest TV commercial from the award-winning Kids' Voices series shows with a mischievous smile what real summit happiness means," says Holger Lackhoff, Chief Marketing Officer HARIBO DACH. The spot in the mountains is already the 13th German commercial in the series and the fifth for HARIBO Gold Bears after the office meeting, the farmer spot with the red Gold Bear tree, the rocking serenade for the 100th birthday of the style icon and the pedal boat. The idea and realization of the new spot came from Jung von Matt SPREE.

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