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Chewing to stay slim: how to savor your food better and dodge weight gain, too!

Oral stimuli during the chewing of food can help increase energy expenditure of body and prevent obesity, according to a new study


That chewingfoodwell makes a healthy eating habit is age-old wisdom. Slow eating and thorough chewing help prevent obesity and weight gain—a view popularized a century back and tested afterward in sporadic scientific studies. Typically, the chewing process reportedly enhances the energy ...


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Vegetable fat may decrease stroke risk, while animal fat increases it


Eating higher total amounts of red meat, processed red meat and non-dairy animal fat increased the risk of stroke, while consuming more vegetable fat or polyunsaturated fat lowered it, according to preliminary research to be presented at the American Heart Association’sScientific Sessions 2021. ...


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Can eating alone be bad for your heart?

New study suggests that older women who eat alone have poorer nutritional knowledge and intake and a higher prevalence of angina


As women age, their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) exceeds men’s largely because of decreased levels of estrogen that regulate vascular function. As a result, much research is focused on various risk factors. A new study suggests that eating alone may contribute to an increased risk of ...


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