Quality made easy: Analyze food and raw materials in just a few seconds

The Top 3 Advantages

Reliable analysis results for consistent quality of your products


Versatile for routine tests - reduces costs for external laboratories significantly


Easy operation through intuitive software - anyone can use it

Measure fat, moisture, protein and more quickly, easily and reliably for product optimization!

With the Finder SD, you can analyze solid, semi-solid or liquid food samples, including beverages, depending on the accessories. This allows you to prevent fluctuations in quality and achieve the target values of your end product with pinpoint accuracy. The all-in-one analyzer analyzes in real time, so reliable results are available within seconds and you can intervene immediately in production if deviations occur.

The Finder SD is at home in incoming goods inspection, process control and outgoing goods inspection. An analysis report is generated for each measurement, which can be saved and presented if required. This allows you to prove your quality to partners and customers. Furthermore, our software can be operated intuitively, so that after a short training every employee can analyze at the push of a button. The Finder SD works without chemicals and is therefore safe and sustainable.

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