HiperScan GmbH

Customized NIR Solutions for your Business


The company stands for quality technologies and applications for the analysis of materials in the near infrared. The declared aim of HiperScan is the advantages of NIR spectroscopy to expand, so many and even small companies can benefit from it. This is NIRS to a mass application, which not only raises the level of quality, but also the NIR spectroscopy itself to a new level.

The development of micro-scanning technology began in 1997. Shortly thereafter, the first micro-scanner mirrors have been produced in large numbers. The continued intensive research into the use of microsystems 2004 led to the development of entirely new and significantly cheaper Scanning Grating Spectrometers. Thus the foundation was laid for the spin-off of HiperScan from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden of 2006.

With the analyser Apo-Ident united HiperScan first time in 2009 the advantages of NIR spectroscopy with maximum user-friendliness and efficiency. Impressive accuracy, ease of use, within seconds evaluation characterise the system, which has been specifically optimized to meet the needs of pharmacies. Pharmacists obtained with Apo-Ident, a high-end system for efficient and cost-saving raw material testing.

With the product presentation of the Finder SD Rotator at anayltica 2018 in Munich, the company is presenting a next-generation NIR analyzer, which not only allows substances to be qualified but also quantified. A user-friendly software promises customers maximum flexibility for the analysis of various samples in the food industry.

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