About Retal Europe

RETAL Europe is a company that concentrates its activities in production of PET packaging. Since the very beginning of the activities of the Company its turnover has been on the increase, new markets have benn assimilated and in 2006 RETAL Europe became one of the largest manufacturers of PET preforms in Central and Eastern Europe.

PET preforms production is carried out at the plant situated in Lentvaris. More than 65 % of RETAL Europe customers are producers of beer and soft drinks of international brands. Company exports its production to over 20 countries - about 34% of products are sold in Germany, 21% - in Baltic States, 17% - in Scandinavia, 13% - in Western and Central Europe, about 15% - in Poland. Volumes of sales are constantly growing in the last years.

Facts about Retal Europe
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Packaging

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