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KPA – Mission

With a history going back to 1958 when pumps for the food, beverage and pharma industry were manufactured in Artern/Germany KPA has successfully reached a level of complete international acceptance and recognition.

The presence of KPA in the world market is the result of integration into international sophisticated market requirements.

Kyffhäuser Pumpen Artern is obliged to be world leading player in the development and marketing of hygienic pumps for the food and beverage industry, the pharma industry, especially with KPAs aseptic pump design as well as other industries where liquids are involved.

KPA’s aim is not only to be a leading partner but also to demonstrate that it’s leading innovation driven by inspiration is an obligation to all clients.

Inspiration, development, responsibility and commitment are the four columns of KPAs mission, a mission that will be of the benefit of all.

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