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The Vivera Foodgroup is completely limited to the plant based market


After the sale of the meat company Enkco, the Vivera Foodgroup faces a meatless future with the remaining plant-based companies Vivera, Culifrost and the Dutch Tofu Company. The Group has strong ambitions and aims to make major investments in expanding its production capacity and product range. Vivera has a strong market position in the European market and is one of the largest manufacturers of plant based products in Europe. Most of Enkco's 100 employees will be taken over by Vivera Foodgroup.

The future is plant-based

Enkco, a specialist in chilled and frozen meat products, was sold to the Dutch Van Loon Group at the end of May 2019. Through the sale, Vivera Foodgroup will be able to focus more on the strong growth opportunities in the plant based market in Europe. With the Vivera brand, it has a strong market position in large parts of Europe and is one of the three largest players in Europe.

Substantial growth in the plant based market in Europe

The Vivera Foodgroup clearly recognises that consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food is growing rapidly across much of Europe. In view of the rapidly developing market demand and the sale of Enkco, Vivera Foodgroup intends to invest structurally at a higher level in the expansion of production capacity and new products. The short-term production capacity of the Vivera plant in the Netherlands will be significantly expanded in the third quarter of 2019.

Willem van Weede, CEO of the Vivera Foodgroup: "We are one of the first meat companies in the world to say goodbye to meat. From now on, we focus only on plant-based foods that really conquer the world. More and more consumers are discovering that plant-based products can taste as good as real meat and have many benefits for personal health, the environment and animal welfare. By selling our meat activities, we believe we can further promote Vivera's international growth."

Large-scale production of plant-based products

With more than one million plant-based products produced per week and its product development, Vivera responds to growing consumer interest in healthier and more sustainable food.

With the development of the world's first commercially available vegan steak in 2018, Vivera has reached a milestone in its history. In the United Kingdom alone, more than 1 million items were sold through the Tesco supermarket chain. In addition, Vivera has recently launched successful products such as Pulled Veggie, Shawarma Kebab and Veggie Quarter Pounder, which are available from many major retailers in Europe, as an extension of its extensive product range.

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