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30-Jul-2019 - USA

American wine drinkers often buy local wines: In 2018, wines from the USA accounted for around two thirds of sales, according to the report by "Wines Vines Analytics". Among the importing countries, Italy was ahead - and France came in fourth.

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However: Champagne, Rosé and Co. had the largest increase in sales compared to 2017.

From France's point of view, the USA is the largest (individual) customer abroad. Exports of wines and spirits to the USA have had a

According to the Association of French Wine and Spirits Exporters, the value of the wine will reach 3.2 billion euros in 2018. The different types of drinks are not shown separately here.

The US trade statistics for 2018 show imports of French wines and wine drinks such as wormwood worth around 2.1 billion dollars (end of 2018 1.83 billion euros).(dpa)

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