02-Dec-2019 - Diageo

Diageo launches AI-based Whisky Navigator

Diageo launch "What's Your Whisky", an innovative digital application that helps users find their personal favorite whisky based on their preferences for certain tastes.

The new application can also be used for mobile applications via the Internet in an uncomplicated manner. It contains a total of eleven questions about the individual preferences of the user, such as "How often do you eat bananas?" or "What do you think of chilis?", and analyses their preferences based on the answers. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, an individual taste profile is then created for him, which is made up of the typical whisky components sweet, fruity, spicy and smoky. Here the user can also see right away which single malt whisky corresponds particularly well to his preferences.
Dr. Adeline Koay, Principal Scientist, Research and Development for Diageo, commented on the launch of the AI application: "We use our extensive consumer knowledge and bring it together with a whisky expertise based on centuries of experience. Our latest AI technology on What's Your Whisky allows us to bring consumers into contact with Scotch in new and exciting ways."

Andy Parton, Senior Regional Manager for Diageo, adds: "With the mobile application, consumers can now discover and explore a wide range of our single malts based on their personal preferences. We are happy to roll out "What's Your Whisky" directly and help thousands of people to find their perfect whisky - based on their individual taste profile determined by the AI."

On 28 November, "What's Your Whisky" will be launched in nine European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands) and will therefore be available in six languages. The application can be accessed online at www.whatsyourwhisky.com or via QR codes, which can be found on numerous materials in bars, restaurants and shops.

"What's Your Whisky" is Diageo's latest digital innovation and follows the launch of the "Scotch Whisky Tasting Experience" in 2018 by which consumers were inspired to try out and share Scotch at home via voice technology during the Christmas season. Previously, Diageo used the latest language technology and functionality for the Amazon Echo Show with the introduction of the skill "The Bar" to inspire consumers to create cocktails at home.

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