02-Aug-2021 - Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree Distillers Cola meets Rum and Whiskey on equal terms

Modified recipe for first-class craft enjoyment

Fever-Tree takes bar classics such as Cuba Libre or Whiskey Cola to a new level: With Distillers Cola, the mixer specialist introduces a first-class cola based on high-quality natural ingredients, which is in no way inferior to the craftsmanship of craft distillers. With the high quality standards of the discerning representatives of their guild, Distillers Cola has been developed as a mixer that optimally supports the complex flavours of finely aged whiskeys and rums. Fever-Tree Distillers Cola sets a new standard for long drinks with dark premium spirits with its complex, intense taste - true to the company motto "If 3/4 of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best". Starting in October 2021, the new Fever-Tree Distillers Cola will initially be launched in the hospitality industry as the successor to Madagascan Cola.

New recipe, usual high Fever-Tree quality

Fever-Tree Distillers Cola impresses with a blend of eleven different natural ingredients, each of which has been carefully selected. In accordance with the Fever-Tree principle, only the highest quality ingredients are used in production, and so the individual ingredients come from all over the world: Caribbean kola nuts, Mexican limes and exotic spices such as fragrant vanilla from Madagascar and Jamaican allspice. A special feature are the kola nuts that grow in the wild in Jamaica, which contribute an excellent quality due to their natural growing conditions. In addition, Fever-Tree does not use high fructose corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners or colors. Made with 18% less sugar than traditional cola products, Distillers Cola is less sweet. Full-bodied and complex in flavor, rounded out with citrus aromas and a variety of spices, Distillers Cola allows all the subtle nuances of the spirit to shine through in the mix.

"Cola is one of the most commonly used mixers for many spirits, such as rum, vodka or whiskey. But there is a reason why premium whiskeys and rums are not currently drunk with cola: There is no cola that lives up to the premium claim and gives the spirit room to develop its complex aromas," says Judith Friedl, senior marketing manager at gdp, Fever-Tree's distribution partner in Germany. "Our Distillers Cola was specially developed as a mixer for premium dark spirits and offers the solution for the perfect symbiosis with the complex flavours of the spirit in the long drink glass."

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