CoffeeB: Migros launches the world's first capsule-free coffee system

07-Sep-2022 - Switzerland

It's the biggest product innovation in Migros' history, and it promises to radically change the coffee industry: Migros is launching CoffeeB, the world's first coffee capsule system that works entirely without a capsule. It is made possible by a small, fully compostable ball of pressed coffee. CoffeeB has all the conveniences of conventional capsule systems and guarantees the best coffee enjoyment - but generates no waste. The innovation is available from today throughout Switzerland at Migros, Melectronics and Digitec Galaxus as well as in France, and will be launched in Germany in spring 2023. Other markets will follow, as there is great interest from abroad.


36 years after the launch of the coffee capsule, Migros and its subsidiary Delica are kicking off the next big revolution in the coffee market. With CoffeeB, they are introducing the first coffee capsule system that does not require a capsule at all. This is made possible by the "Coffee Ball": a small ball of pressed coffee encased only by a protective layer patented worldwide by Delica. This not only gives the Coffee Ball stability - it also forms an ideal oxygen barrier that protects against flavor loss, just as aluminum does. Like the coffee itself, the protective layer is of natural origin and therefore completely garden compostable. Within a few weeks, the Coffee Ball decomposes into valuable humus. The system is completed by the CoffeeB Globe coffee machine with patented brewing technology. CoffeeB offers individual variety selection and different strength levels.

"With CoffeeB, Migros combines what could not be combined before: a full taste experience, convenience and no waste," enthuses Fabrice Zumbrunnen, President of the General Management of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. "We are convinced that with CoffeeB we have developed a technology that meets today's consumer needs and will have a positive impact on the environment. The capsule-free system fits 100% with Migros' sustainability strategy. It is the most significant product innovation in the company's history."

100,000 tons of capsule waste annually
CoffeeB is a "zero waste" system: by eliminating aluminum or plastic capsules, enormous amounts of waste can be avoided. Worldwide, the amount of waste caused by coffee capsules is around 100,000 tons per year (calculations based on Euromonitor Passport 2021). Even though some of it can be recycled, a large part of it still ends up in the trash.

The sustainability of CoffeeB goes beyond the garden compostability of the Coffee Balls. The machine consists largely of recycled materials and can be repaired by Migros service centers if necessary. Thanks to the modular machine design, individual technical components can also be replaced. Furthermore, the entire system and all coffee types are 100%CO2 compensated. The coffee beans are sustainably grown and, depending on the flavor, are either Rainforest Alliance or certified organic and Fairtrade. All packaging is recyclable.

Fabrice Zumbrunnen: "The simplicity of CoffeeB hardly gives you an idea of how much internal development work and team effort went into the technology. It took five years from the idea to the launch, during which there were numerous failures. But the vision of developing a waste-free capsule system was always stronger." The interest from abroad shows that it was worth it: CoffeeB will be launched in France at the same time as Switzerland, followed by Germany in spring 2023, with other markets in the pipeline.

In Switzerland, CoffeeB is available from today, September 6, in all Migros stores, Melectronics, Digitec Galaxus, on and The Coffee Balls are available in eight different flavors and cost from Fr. 4.60, while the CoffeeB Globe coffee machine in black or white costs Fr. 169.

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