Sausages from Germany on a global triumphant march

18-Oct-2022 - Germany

Typical German sausage varieties are a real global sales hit. In Asia in particular, enthusiasm for sausage "Made in Germany" is growing rapidly. Here, sausages in jars are a big hit on supermarket shelves, and those who serve their guests Wiener, Thüringer or Bockwurst show themselves to be connoisseurs.

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So much passion has consequences for the German market: "The natural casing is a sought-after quality feature of the sausages. China's own demand is growing so rapidly that the global availability of high-quality sheep and pig casings is affected," reports the German Natural Casings Association. Nevertheless, German consumers need not worry: There is still enough product, the association reassures.

Meanwhile, the past barbecue season also saw an interesting development in this country: sausage is becoming a prestige product. "Those who used to rely on expensive hardware such as premium grills are now more likely to impress their guests with a rich selection of grilled sausages, with creative recipes and regional origins", says the Natural Casings Association. The love of the Germans to "their" sausage is by the way unbroken. As a study by the market research institute Kantar recently showed, sausage and ham continue to be an integral part of the menu for 84 percent of German citizens. With more than 1,500 varieties, Germany is the undisputed "sausage world champion.

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