New meat substitute product from brewer's grains

16-Nov-2022 - Switzerland

Circular Food Solutions Switzerland AG and the Doppelleu Boxer AG brewery produce the next generation of meat substitute products in Winterthur from Swiss raw materials. From brewer's grains, which are a by-product of the brewing process, an innovative process with existing and newly registered patents is used to create unique-tasting food products. The world's most advanced facility for upcycling spent grain is being developed on the Chopfab brewery site with total investments of over 5 million Swiss francs. Production will start in summer 2023 and amount to several hundred tons per year.

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Doppelleu Boxer

On the joint path to a novel meat substitute product made from Swiss raw materials: the project partners Philip Bucher (Founder & CEO Doppelleu Boxer AG), Patrick Thomi (Technical Manager Doppelleu Boxer AG), Christoph Nyfeler (Owner Circular Food Solutions Switzerland AG) and Michael Rittenauer (Maltiply GmbH for Circular Food Solutions Switzerland AG).

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash
Doppelleu Boxer

What started in 2015 as a spin-off idea of Bühler Group Uzwil is now becoming reality. Starting in 2023, Circular Food Solutions Switzerland AG will produce a high-quality Swiss meat substitute product together with the Doppelleu Boxer AG brewery in Winterthur. Instead of using the brewery's byproducts as animal feed as in the past, this new development will make a protein-rich byproduct available to human nutrition for the first time. The brewer's spent grain is the main ingredient in the meat substitute product and is sourced entirely from Switzerland. The Chopfab brewery uses brewing malt produced from local barley in the Swiss malting plant. This process keeps valuable resources in the cycle. By saving transport routes, land use and greenhouse gas emissions, this tasty meat alternative contributes to a more sustainable diet.

Circular Food Solutions Switzerland AG relies on a novel and globally unique upcycling technology based on the research work of Bühler AG. Swiss technology leadership is secured by state-of-the-art process engineering and several patent applications, which apply to both wet and dry extrudates based on spent grain. The joint venture with the young, innovative Swiss brewery Doppelleu Boxer AG has exclusive rights to use the process in Switzerland and can thus offer unique-tasting plant-based alternatives to meat.

Global prototype in Winterthur

The total investment amounts to over 5 million Swiss francs. Construction work in Winterthur will start at the beginning of 2023. Based on the innovative process, the world's most advanced facility for upcycling spent grain will be developed and built on the Winterthur brewery site. In a continuous process, the spent grains are treated directly in the brewhouse and then extruded. This guarantees maximum freshness and the best taste of the meat substitute.

A volume of several hundred tons

In close development cooperation with leading meat processors in Switzerland, a product was developed that has excellent taste characteristics and convinced in various tests. This has created the basis for a volume of several hundred tons of meat substitute per year to be launched on the market from mid-2023. The aim is also to develop a meat substitute product consisting of 100% Swiss raw materials for the first time as early as the end of 2023.

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