Mineral water: refreshingly healthy

March 7 is the day of healthy eating

01-Mar-2023 - Germany

The German nutrition Society has formulated ten rules to help people eat healthily. Rule No. 7 is: "It's best to drink water". It is obvious that water is preferable to alcoholic or sweetened beverages. But not all water is the same - and so natural mineral water is not only a thirst quencher, but also a valuable foodstuff.

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Mineral water - the natural power drink

Natural mineral water supplies the body not only with liquid, but also with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. While calcium is particularly important for the strength and health of teeth and bones, magnesium ensures the energy supply of cells and is involved in muscle contraction and nerve function. The highly mineralized waters from Aqua Römer Quelle, for example, contain 2,300 milligrams of minerals per liter and provide the body with particularly high levels of calcium. Just 1.8 liters of Aqua Römer Quelle cover the daily requirement of calcium. Another advantage is that because the minerals are already dissolved in the water, the body can absorb them more quickly than from other foods.

Water is not only the basis of life, but also the fuel for mental and physical performance. Although the human body consists of around 70 percent water, it cannot build up water reserves. On the contrary, it loses up to 2.5 liters of fluid every day. It is therefore important to keep replenishing one's own water tank. That's why regular, adequate drinking is part of a healthy diet .

Mineral water - mirror of nature

Natural mineral water originates in underground water deposits protected from contamination and is often formed over several hundred years as rainwater seeps into the ground. On its way, the water passes through various layers of rock, which filters it and gives it its ability to supply the human body with minerals. The mineralization of a water always depends on the local geological conditions. Thus, every mineral water is also a reflection of its region. Nature thus gives each mineral water its individual, characteristic taste. With their high content of calcium and magnesium, the waters of Aqua Römer Quelle are highly mineralized, and their taste is perceived as distinctive and balanced. The still water of Aqua Römer Sanft-Quelle, on the other hand, is particularly low in sodium and thus tastes softer.

By the way: Of course, you can also drink tap water. Unlike mineral water, however, it is obtained from rainwater and wastewater, which makes chemical treatment mandatory. Valuable minerals are only present in tap water in very small quantities. So tap water can become sparkling water, but never mineral water.

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