Premiere for AI beer Autonomous

The first beer developed in Germany with the help of artificial intelligence - from the recipe to the name to the design

03-Apr-2023 - Germany

To celebrate the brewery's 150th anniversary, Beck's is launching Autonomous - a futuristic limited edition beer designed by artificial intelligence (AI). From the recipe to the packaging and logo design to the advertising campaign, every detail was designed using AI. Beck's Autonomous is one of the first beers in the world designed and developed by AI.

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For the 150th anniversary of Beck's: Premiere for AI beer Autonomous

Anheuserbusch/ computer generated picture

Artificial intelligence is characterized by the ability to develop a variety of solutions to any type of question. In this context, Beck's is using AI to create its own version of the perfect recipe for a Beck's. Millions of different flavor combinations are used to create a beer from brewing water, malt, hops and yeast. Years of human expertise, craftsmanship and creativity, have been brought together by AI technology and implemented with our master brewers. The beer is brewed at the Beck & Co. brewery in Bremen.

To give consumers the opportunity to try this innovative beer, Beck's is releasing a limited edition of Beck's Autonomous, totaling 450, exclusively in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom on April 12, 2023. At, consumers can register with their email address to be the first to grab the new limited edition on launch day. A must for beer lovers and AI enthusiasts - the experimental AI creation from Beck's is expected to be sold out within minutes. This is how the future tastes today.

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