"ChatGPT, develop a spice blend that ..."

Ankerkraut has had a spice blend mixed by ChatGPT

15-Jun-2023 - Germany
Ankerkraut GmbH

"Develop a spice blend that is on-trend and will motivate consumers:inside to cook. Create an appropriate, creative product name and claim. Develop a recipe for a dish that uses the new spice. Write social media posts to promote the spice. Create a press release to accompany the launch."

Ankerkraut GmbH

ChatGPT's Paprikanova - Ankerkraut's unique spice creation

Those were Ankerkraut's tasks to ChatGPT, and the AI performed its duties smoothly. The results: a spicy paprika spice blend called "Paprikanova - The Flavor Explosion" and a press release attached to it (created by human intelligence) also available.

"We are open to new things, were simply curious and wanted to know if AI could do it - it was an experiment ", says Peter Paul Plambeck, Division Manager Brand Management at Ankerkraut. "The result surprised us, it's insane what's possible. Still, a little manual work went into it: We tested the mixture, of course, tasted it and tested it in recipes." And so, at least in the end, the sensitive taste buds of the Ankerkraut experts were called upon. Because ChatGPT just can't taste.

Stefan Lemcke, founder of Ankerkraut, knows that fans of the brand have nothing to worry about: "We wanted to dare the AI experiment and cross this line for once. But we are and will remain the flavor manufactory and continue to stand for handwork and authenticity with our name. We rely on the expertise and passion of our professionals for our spices."

And what does the professional chef say about the AI spice?

TV chef and Ankerkraut partner Alex Wahi put the blend through a taste test (full interview attached). His expectations of the spice were rather restrained, but his surprise afterwards was great: "What could possibly come of it? An AI has no tongue, no eyes, no nose. I was shocked to discover that it obviously does work." For Wahi, however, the decisive ingredient remains the human being: "There are many factors that have to be taken into account when cooking. Love goes through the stomach, heart and soul are super important to create beautiful and loving dishes. I am firmly convinced that AI will reach its limits here - on the subject of feelings. The ingredient of humanity will always remain with us humans."

AI may be able to create something new, but at Ankerkraut itself, they still prefer to stretch their own boundless imagination. After all, with "Paprikanova," amateur cooks can now form their own opinions about AI's culinary creativity.

ChatGPT's Paprikanova - Ankerkraut's unique spice creation

Welcome aboard Paprikanova, the latest spice creation from Ankerkraut! Developed by ChatGPT, this unique spice blend combines paprika, onion, garlic, pepper, thyme, oregano, cumin and cayenne pepper to create an unparalleled taste experience. Carefully selected and matched, Paprikanova guarantees the highest quality and natural ingredients. The noble sweet paprika gives a mild, intense flavor, pepper provides the kick. Onion and garlic powder season, thyme and oregano bring aroma. Cumin rounds out the blend, and cayenne pepper adds heat. Enjoy the unique taste experience of Paprikanova! Note from Ankerkraut: Both the spice and this last section of text were developed by ChatGPT.

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